In my many years as a wedding/event planner of all the clients I meet with to plan their events, there’s a great percentage who are not totally happy with their choice of venue. They might like the location, size, if it’s outdoor or indoor, decor, etc. but there’s always something they’re not 100% sure if they made the right selection or not. I, on the other hand, visit so many different venues that I’ve come to like them all with their advantages and disadvantages, specially when it comes to prep areas, unloading, ease of access, etc. which is the other side the clients don’t see much of……but we’ll talk about that in the future. 🙂

During my conversation with these “unhappy venue clients” I always joke about and compare a venue to the guy or girl they’re getting ready to marry…nobody is perfect! and when we choose our lifelong companion we must put aside the few things we may not like so much if the good ones over compensate them by far. There’s not one venue with everything as you like it, unless you have one built to your specifications and that, I’ll say, can be very costly unless you’re Ivanka Trump! But in our world, reality is that most venues are not “perfect”. For example, one venue may have a majestic ballroom but the bathrooms are outside and you have to walk half a block to get to them. In my advice, just try to think that your guest will spend most of the time having such a terrific time at the reception that their trip to the bathroom will be cut short so they can rush back inside to the party, not noticing such details. You can always decorate, have candles, even a bathroom attendant to make the visit more welcomed. But, no doubt the reality remains that they will still have to walk the walk in their stilettos, which also gives them an opportunity on the way to the bathrooms to talk about the party and the wonderful time they are having.

Outdoor ceremonies, while they’re beautiful and many couples living in warm climates opt for, can also be one venue choice that may give you a Mother Nature reality check on your wedding day. I’m a very positive person and I always think on the brighter side more often than not, so when asked ….”what happens if it rains?”, an impossible to answer question, I look at the solution rather than the problem so my question to you is: Does the venue have anywhere you and your guests could find shelter or run to in the event it begins to rain during the ceremony? This could happen but, always prepare for plan B, which is the preventive measure and smarter thing to do. Plan B is usually a completely different layout than the one anticipated by the couple, but, one that your guests will appreciate that we took the time to think about before hand.

Reality is, your guests come to your wedding to share this happy event with you, therefore, they’ll enjoy whatever is presented to them as your choices (menu, colors, drink, music, etc.) they don’t really know if your original plans were to celebrate outdoors but the rain spoiled your plans, because if your wedding planner made the decision to go to Plan B at the first sign of bad weather hours before the guests arrive, they will never know about the original plan and will enjoy plan B just as much… SO, if you’re mind is set on an outdoor venue, go for it!! Unless you convince yourself that you won’t be able to handle the anxiety and prefer to change the venue. Otherwise, just have faith that nothing will ruin your very special day, and if it rains…..there’s an old saying that “everything that comes from the sky above is a blessing” at that, besides….if you think about it….there’s really nothing you can do about Mother Nature.:-)

Another commom complaint is, ‘ I love the place but I’m afraid that my guests won’t see each other while sitting down because of the layout. Well, if you so much love the place, you have to find a way to make it work so everyone interacts with each other and don’t feel left out behind a column or something.

Perhaps for venues with unconventional layouts, brides should focus in selecting a dinner service and ambiance that invites guests to walk around and gather in groups as opposed to a formal seated dinner.

And like everything in life …”happiness is wanting what you already have”, so be happy with your venue selection and plan to stratigically showcase the venue’s unique and great features while making the ugly ones go unnoticed. That’s all!

In one of my upcoming posts, we’ll talk about venues that you love but your guests hate…

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