Grisel Garcia,  Founder, President and Chief Creative Officer of “A Matter of Taste” Catering & Event Planning Unlimited………she is the creative force behind the company’s designer events.

Her unfaltering enthusiasm, attention to client’s needs and her commitment to her client’s satisfaction are the key ingredients for their return year after year as well as their referrals.Each event no matter its size or purpose is the product of a plan that involves creative concepts, disciplined, coordination and impeccable execution of events.

A detailed professional, dedicated to offer exceptional service to her demanding clientele is also budget-concious, she is always able to offer advise on what services can be cost effective without sacrificing quality.

Her ability to balance creativity with a sense of reality paired with her meticulous attention to detail  is what makes her such a great planner. From pampering her clients, the food, beverage, décor, linens, music and overall flow, nothing outweighs anything else in importance, all aspects of an event are hold equally.

Her business savvy stems from catering and planning events from conception to complition since 1986 for a diversified clientele such as, Procter & Gamble/Coca-Cola Bottling Company, American Express, El Dorado Furniture, Maersk Sealand, HBO, The South Miami Medical Group, Leon Medical Centers,  just to mention a few of her corporate clients.

Her catering and planning skills also serve our community for charitable events such as The Janelle’s Wishing Well Foundation, Voices Against Brain Cancer, Veterans Association, The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and The Alonzo Mourning Foundation.

Not only does she handle the planning, menu, decorations, timeline and special requests of an event whether it’s a wedding, a private affair or a corporate event, but she also truly pours her heart and soul into making the entire event a success.

Planning numerous events a year has earned her the trust and respect of her clients and business associates. Her upbeat personality and her commitment to the success of each event she plans has allowed her to accrue a lengthy list of satisfied clients.

While in the process of planning a wedding she never forgets her client’s specific requests, their likes and dislikes, what’s important for them IS the most important for her, because no matter the scale, a wedding should be an expression of personal style.

She has the skill and always in control qualities expected of an event planner, knowing what to do and when to do it in any given situation. Her client’s peace of mind is at the top of her priorities.

“I love the challenge of a new project no matter how elaborate or simply, every customer is different, their expectations are different…..I strive on this……to see their faces when they walk into their party for the first time after months and months of planning and they finally see everything is done how they imagined it…’s priceless, I work hard at planning my events because I know this IS the moment that matters most. It is at this moment that you can make a lasting impression. It’s like the groom seeing his bride for the first time…..the magic…..the anticipation……nothing can top that.” Grisel Garcia

Grisel Garcia is also CEO at  JOSE FAJARDO AWARD FOUNDATION, INC . -A Non-Profit organization. The foundation honors  individuals with formal recognition for their talent and for their accomplishments.  Their contribution to the music industry and the world itself will be the grading point used to determine who will receive the honor of being the recipient of the “Jose Fajardo Award ”.

Jose Fajardo was a master musician mostly knowned for playing the flute. His band was famous worldwide as “Fajardo y Sus Estrellas”. He was his band’s Director and also an accomplished arranger, composer. His music inspired many famous artists to date.

That’s only the beginning. The foundation’s other future endeavor is to provide an opportunity to those young, future musicians who have within them the fire and the desire to follow in the footsteps of the great masters before them.

This corporation is organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes, more specifically, to promote Latin American arts and culture by empowering emerging and accomplished artists to continue the legacy left by world famous, leyend, Cuban artist Mr. Jose Fajardo.   
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Grisel Garcia is also Vice President at BACAN RECORDS & MANAGEMENT, INC.- An artist and talent management company. Offering guidance and assistance to new artists and promoting their careers.
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Orestes ‘Pupi’ Garcia 

Partner/Owner- Logistics & Entertainment Project Development for “A Matter of Taste” Catering & Event Planning Unlimited. He is in charge of plan execution, entertainment and site layout.

With his vast experience in event site layout and logistics for large and small events, he handles projects ranging from special events to weddings. His organizing skills as well as his production common sense makes it easier for his staff members to efficiently  produce the work assigned. His sense of how to handled difficult situations is a welcomed  life saver.

As an entertainment project developer, he serves as advisor for many new entertainment venues in need of advise on how to target and attract clientele with the right  entertainment and services they offer.

He plans events which can include cocktails in one area, a showcase in another, and a variety of different options for dinner arrangements, plus coordinating the transition between each.

Since 1986 he has been catering and coordinating events. Because of his friendship with many celebrities, he ventured into television by conducting a celebrity interviews TV show from 1987 well into the nineties. where he presented weekly interviews with famous people . He also developed many new contacts that would later prove to be beneficial in his event career. His expansive list of media contacts makes this an asset for clients looking for live entertainment for their events.

He excels under pressure and loves the challenge of bringing together top-notch events from conception to completion. Some of his past coordinated events include, The Latin Festival at the Hollywood Bowl (LA) with guests superstars Celia Cruz, Marlon Brando and Andy Garcia,  CBS Telenoticias 50th Anniversary, Procter & Gamble “Noche de Carnaval” Orange Bowl, Florida, Coca-Cola Bottling Company End of the Year Banquet (logistics & entertainment) Budwiser event, Florida Marlins (regular client) Department of Homeland Security Holiday Event, Iberia Foods New Product Launch, El Dorado Furniture Wellington, Florida “Grand Opening”, “Bay of Pigs Brigada 2506” ‘45th Anniversary (1,600 guests) featuring superstar Willy Chirino at the Coconut Grove Convention Center in Florida.

Never forgetting to give back to others, he also contributes with his catering, coordination and logistics  skills to fundraising events such as “ Voices Against Brain Cancer”, “The Janelle Wishing Well Foundation”, “The Alonso Morning Foundation”, “The Christopher Ricardo Foundation”, Coral Gables Police “Victims of Crime”, etc.

If it can be done, he’ll do it,  althought at times obstacles arise while executing an event, his knowledge and will has always prevailed, he’s not known to give up easily, valuable qualities in an industry where as they say ‘the show must go on’.  Balance and determination are distinctive trademarks of this businessman.

Praised for his customer service and never-faltering positive attitude he enjoys many satisfied clients. “I believe in building relationships first, once you have an excellent relationship with your client it’s easier to get the job done because they trust in you and your suggestions, no questions or doubts, and you in the other hand have the moral obligation to never betray that trust, that to me is solid grounds for a successful project”- Orestes ‘Pupi’ Garcia.

Orestes ‘Pupi’ Garcia is also President at  JOSE FAJARDO AWARD FOUNDATION, INC-  As a lover of our music and proud of my Cuban roots, I have always felt a profound admiration for the great JOSE FAJARDO.  I was priviledged to meet and befriended him. I value his influence in our rhythms  like the ‘charanga’ which not only defined an era, but also left his footprint and served as an inspiration for many others since the 50′s till current times. A musician of his caliber, is an example of true musical excellency. By creating a foundation that will contribute to preserve our music for future generations, JOSE FAJARDO  as one of  the top bandleaders in Latin Music seem most appropriate to represent our Foundation.

This corporation is organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes, more specifically, to promote Latin American arts and culture by empowering emerging and accomplished artists to continue the legacy left by world famous, leyend, Cuban artist Mr. Jose Fajardo.   
All of this done with love, understanding, appreciation, and dedication to the memory of this once great man who gave us so much and who is remembered by those of us who hear his music, read his words, and feel compelled to give something back.
Orestes ‘Pupi’ Garcia is also President at BACAN RECORDS & MANAGEMENT, INC–  A talent and artists management company dedicated to promote and guide the careers of those interest in growing and developing their musical talents.