Currently, we all live in a world of uncertainty, unfortunately, life is not as stable as we’ve always known it to be. I remember when we could plan years in advance our somewhat predictable future, because depending on our achievements, position and status, we knew more or less what our life’s outcome would be. The only person who could make it better or worse was yourself and your limitations. To the contrary, at present everyone wonders what will happen next because there are so many factors, and other people’s decisions that can and will affect our future. It IS something to think about, this post is not a reality check but more of an advise for couples who are considering getting married and shopping around for their wedding reception gala too far in advance. Althought many may think that a party is not a priority when it comes to important financial decisions in our lives, which I agree, it’s true….we can do without the party, skip it all together, go to City Hall and just get marry, sure, this also works and you’ll be married, but, we also know that deep inside, especially for a woman, we really do want to have our dress, our party, our BIG DAY, it doesn’t matter where you live, it has been the tradition to celebrate this special day when we pledge our love for each other in the presence of those who love us. It is considered, as one of the most important days in a woman’s life, for a father having his daughter getting married and giving her away to her soulmate, or a loved one having the honor to be asked to walk the bride down the isle, etc.  SO yes, it is important enough to endulge a little bit and spend our hard earned money as we see fit, and as much as we can afford.

 I began this post walking lightly through our economy because when you’re thinking of spending a substantial amount of your savings on a party, many people will give it a second thought and start to cut back, here and there to work with a “tighter budget” for a wedding reception. Realistically, this is almost impossible! Why? because, let’s face it, a wedding or any kind of party is a luxury whichever way you look at it, there is no need to have it, but we would all love to have the best wedding, whether for traditional or religious rites or to impress, as a status symbol or truly because it is the wedding reception you dreamed of ever since you were a child.

 Reality is, many people will ask for loans, mortgage their homes, borrow, work overtime, etc. to have THE wedding reception of the year. I’m not advising you to go bankrupt to have a wedding but if you analyze how many unexpected expenses sometimes come our way, things we did not planned for but must take responsibilty and pay for, then you’ll come to the conclusion that if you CAN make the choice to spend your hard earned money on the wedding of your dreams, WHY NOT?………why feel guilty about it?

 I can think of many unpleasant situations when we have no way out but to spend our money, like, doctors, attorneys, accidents, purchases gone wrong, and so on, but yet, we hesitate when it comes to spending money on what we’ve dreamed about and planned for all our lives!!

 This is one occassion when only you decide before hand how, when, where and on what you want to spend your money on. Afterall, we earned it and control it; we should do with it what we please because it will give you and the ones you love joy with a memorable occassion to cherish for the rest of your lives!

 My advice is, spend responsably, don’t over do it or waste your money. Be certain you’re making the right decision and you’re spending your money wisely, not frivolously.

 If you settle for cheap food, cheap wine, cheap liquor, etc, etc, will always regret it and never forget the unpleasant experience. Don’t be fooled by offers of “same as the other, but cheaper”, it doesn’t work that way, you will get what you pay for.

 Quality has it’s price, but it will give you peace of mind, and that is PRICELESS ! So, feel confident, knowing you’ve spent a reasonable amount of money without overspending, just spending it in the right services, this will guarantee you a memorable wedding reception.

Be realistic with what is important and will make your day special and put your money there. Although many couples tell me “Oh, I don’t care what people will say, they’ll always criticize anyways”, well….yes, there is some truth to that, but sometimes the people that criticize the most are simply out of nothing better to say or they just don’t appreciate you, but honestly, of course you want the best wedding because you deserve it, because it is an expression of your status, your standard of living and your financial situation, and there’s nothing wrong with that, after all….you’re paying to treat all of your dearest friends and family to a feast! And you want them to enjoy a grand event. You will be happy and cherish this day forever, no matter what the future will bring, you certainly had your day, had your cake and ate it too 🙂 and remember that……”Excellence always endures… remains long after the cost is forgotten”……..If you can afford it now….do it! Who knows what the future will bring, and tomorrow is promised to NO ONE…be cautious…….but do proceed!

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