Choosing your wedding reception flowers should be fun and enjoyable. They represent life and growth as well as being the perfect item to decorate your tables.  An easy task that once you visualize or see a picture of the centerpiece style closest to your idea, what’s left to do is visit your floral designer and tell her exactly what you want. First, they should include your favorite flowers, second, they should coordinate (doesn’t mean the same) with your color scheme, third, they should be part of the overall  venue’s decor, and of course within your price range. Whether you like a Victorian, modern, eclectic or tropical design, keep in mind to make sure the flowers you choose are in season for your wedding date (time of year season) to avoid disappointment if your florist cannot get you the flowers you like or if she does but, with a higher price tag than your anticipated budget for floral centerpieces, you must factor this possibility into your planning.

Now that you have the colors and the flowers selected, your next step is choosing their size and height. Do you prefer your centerpieces to be tall or low? If you choose a low arrangement you have to consider that although they will look beautiful when you have an empty room, once your guests are seated at the tables, your room will lose it’s decor and seem empty because your guests will block any decoration on the table from view. However, the low style centerpieces are recommended and almost necessary if your reception is outdoors where the wind conditions must be considered. Also the ground or floor type will determine how safe it will be to opt for a tall arrangement on a table not standing on firm ground versus a lower style to avoid the danger of a centerpiece falling down on the table or worse yet, hurting one of your guests. Other than that, if your venue is a ballroom, I usually recommend a tall design because even when your guests are seated, your room will continue to be elegantly decorated.

Another instance where you should choose a low arrangement -vs-a tall one is if your reception venue does’nt have 30′ ceilings. Choosing a tall arrangement in a room with low ceilings will give you the effect as if the room is closing in on you. On the contrary, if your venue has high ceilings you may as well choose a tall centerpiece which will fill the space and  look spectacular!

If you shop around or ask your floral designer for ideas, she/he can show you the different options, styles, vases, flower stands, etc. available on the market to design a breath taking centerpiece you’ll love!

Last but not least…..in our current economy, one way to keep your costs down is to choose a centerpiece with minimal flowers if you feel flowers are not a priority and you have visualized your venue with this minimal decor already and you are certain you will not be dissapointed with your decision.

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