“No matter the scale…your wedding should be an expression of personal style”…..If you keep this is mind when choosing your decor, on your wedding day, you’ll be walking into the room fully confident you will love it even before you actually see it and there’ll be nothing not to like because it is a reflection of you. As you take that first glance, you’ll remember the experience forever. Your wedding will be one your guests will remember and comment about for years.

My advise is to always choose a style that reflects who you are, your tastes, your interests. It’s flattering when your guests walk into the room and their first impression is ‘this is definitely her’…..’you can tell by the details’ …..etc, etc. It’s reasonable and wise to listen to advise and ideas from others, but no one knows better than you what your vision of this very spedial day means for you.

Which brings me into colors, there a few other key elements to make a wedding reception a dream come true, but color is definitelly one!. How well you play with colors will not only set the mood and style but also how many other details will be able to play along with them when combined. When a bride gives me more than one color for her decor, I always ask; Which one of these it’s going to be the one to set the pace? the one that will determine everything else ( flowers, bridesmaids, etc,) and how they’ll come into play. This is an important decision since the rest of the colors in the scheme will only be accents to make this one color stand out most. Will it be the linens? the flowers? the favors? the lighting? Have you visualized different color options paired with your accent color? Are your accents silver, gold?

Wedding reception color choices have changed dramatically, I remember 20 years ago all weddings were either white, ivory, beige, and gold if you wanted to be more risque.! Add to that the flowers in light colors, ‘spring bouguets’ or all white. But not anymore, in the past few years that trend has suffered a complete and colorful make over that I tend to agree with because, why should you stick to white or ivory when there’re so many rich and vibrant colors to choose from? …I think the same way that we now have many more choices and alternatives for everything in our daily lives, wedding reception decor has evolved too, which in a way it’s more complicated because of the multiple choices, but in another way, it let’s you be more creative and unique.

Whether it is whites or colors as long as there’s balance within every detail in your decor and you don’t over do it, either choice is beautiful. If your taste is for color, go for it! I’ve designed many events where the colors have been as dynamic as the couples themselves and all you hear from guests as they walk in the room is gasps of air and admiration for the tasteful decor and elegant combination of colors, a blend of rich tones they never thought possible unless they would see it at that moment, nothing tacky about it. But be careful….if you choose the wrong combinations you may end up with a carnival instead of a wedding! 🙂

Your chosen location plays another very important part with your color scheme. My advise is….keep in mind that certain colors don’t look the same in every room, as an example, has it happened to you that one day you wear clothing in a color that you know looks great on you and everyone notices, they even say ‘hey, you look particularly pretty today’ and you wonder ‘but it’s the same me? :-)….well,…. colors enhance our personalities, makes us feel exited, we feel happy, everyone knows that color affects our mood. The same rule applies to ballrooms, areas, locations in general. Color is everything, look arround, you have to use your colors to enhance and accentuate what’s beautiful and play down what it’s not, you have to use color in harmony with your surroundings to bring out the best, hence, create an ambiance.

Some colors are very easy to work with because you can readily find large selections of linens, flowers, favors, bridesmaids dresses, invitations, uplighting, furniture, cakes, etc. You can be creative or hire a designer to put together your ideas with color to produce a breath taking reception decor.

Brides of a more conservative nature usually opt to stay within the lighter color family because it is the traditional look we’ve seeing over and over since the beginning of time, even modern times Royal Weddings still work with creams and golds for their wedding decor even for the bridesmaids dresses, to this latter, I don’t agree 100% because I feel that the bride should be THE only one to wear white, but, it’s a matter of personal taste! So, if whites is what you truly want, not because you are trying to please someone else other than yourself…do it!I I’ve also designed many modern day weddings in crisp whites and creams and received the same ‘gasping of air’ effect as described above with the colored ones. These usually are chosen by brides who have a taste for clean lines, which is great! and beautiful.!For decoration purposes sometimes it’s better since there’s more variety in whites and creams or natural color linens than color. I’ve found myself in situations where it’s very difficult to find and match a specific color, unless you settle for the closest to it, or have it customed made which may result in an additional cost for you.

Last but not least, my advise……try to set up a sample table with the linen color, flowers, accesories, etc., you’re planning to use and leave this set up for about a week, go out and about, then notice your reaction everytime you walk in and see the table set up, if by the end of the week you still love it everytime you take a glance…..that means that is the right color choice, but…if you love it the first day, the second day you like it, by the third day you’re questioning your choice and by the fourth day you’re asking for an opinion, then chances are that by the fifth day you’ve probably already changed your mind !! Remember, choosing your wedding reception color is almost as serious a decision as choosing your life partner (maybe over exagerated here 🙂 but imagine how will it feel after your fabulous wedding day is gone and the most vivid memory you’ll have are your wedding pics. Then you realize that you made a mistake, because you may like your colors now, or went with a color because it’s the latest trend and someone convinced you that you ‘will definitely make a statement’…but will you still love it in the next couple of years after the trend passed?……think about it….sometimes it’s safer to stick to colors that are timeless and will always be elegant .I’ve just realized that maybe that is the reason why years ago everyone chose white or ivory…. to be in the safe side!!.:-)..so, do you want to be safe?…or are you a risk taker?…..remember it’s your wedding and……”It should be an expression of personal style.”

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